Discover How to Find Profitable Niches and Winning Business Ideas

Avoid Wasting Time and Money and
Confidently Move Forward with your Business

Here’s what you’d learn in this training:

Discover What is Your Most Important Business Decision

There's one very important decision you need to make for your business.

Get this decision wrong and you would have failed even before you start your business.

Get this important decision right, and you'd be on the path to success.

Discover The 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Finding Your Business Idea

The journey to turning a business idea into income can be challenging.

There are 10 costly mistakes you need to avoid. Save time and money.

Learn How to Generate New Business Ideas

A business idea is your first step on the path to success. Discover how to generate small business ideas in any niche, even if you're feeling stuck.

Discover The 3 Key Elements of a Sound Business Idea

To truly transform your business ideas into income you need 3 critical ingredients.

Learn about these 3 ingredients and how to effectively use them to to create a sound idea.

Get To Know
Your Market

Without a market your business idea is a waste of time and money.

And without a paying customer you won't have a profitable business.

Learn how to find, analyse and win over your market audience and turn them into paying customers.

Discover the Framework to Validate Your Ideas

Using 20 Research Data Points, learn how to test your business idea.

  • Test the Level and Type of Demand for your idea using 4 research techniques.

  • Test the Quality of Demand for your idea using 4 techniques.

  • Test the level and quality of Competition surrounding your idea using 5 research techniques.

  • Test whether your idea has easy Market Accessibility using 3 research techniques.

  • Test if your idea fits with your Personality and Passions using 4 techniques .
  • Discover How to Create a Differentiated Idea

    Business today is very competitive. Customers have seen it and heard it before.

    Learn how to differentiate your idea, stand out from the competition, and grab the attention of your prospects.

    BONUS: Free Resources & Tools

    Learn about the BONUS resources and tools to help you to find or refine your business ideas, like the Niche Potential Calculator. Just input a few pieces of information and the Niche Potential Calculator ® will tell you if your niche or small business idea is a Go or No-Go.

    With these bonus tools you can move forward with your business in confidence.