How This 12-Year Old Turned a Small Business Idea into Big Bucks

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Starting a Business Can be Scary

Starting a business can be scary for anyone. But have no fear there are so many people from different walks of life, skills and backgrounds who are killing it in business. Moziah Bridges is one of them.

Mo started his business at the young age of twelve. If a 12-year old could do it then so can you.


Here are 5 lessons from Moziah Bridges that can help you start your business with confident today.

Lesson #1 - Turn Your Passion into Profits

Meet Moziah Bridges. Moziah, or Mo as his family fondly calls him, was a very interesting and different young man. You see, ever since the age of 4, Mo had a passion for dressing up. 


His mom would send him to go get ready to go to the playground. And out would come Mo in his suite, or ‘church’ clothes as his mom called it. Mo loved dressing up and most of all, Mo loved wearing bow ties. It didn’t matter where he went or what was the occasion. He always had to look his best. He always had to wear his bow tie. 



Lesson #2 - Identify a Problem and Fix It

Mo never grew out of his passion for looking good. As he grew up, his preferences and tastes became more and more sophisticated. But there was a problem.


Mo became bored with the stale, styleless, same-old bow tie designs. Everywhere he turned he could only find plain, solid black, brown or beige ties, which he found quite dull.


So he turned to the only person he knew could help him, his grandmother. He asked his granny to teach him how to make and sew bow ties. He would go to the nearby fabric store in his hometown of Memphis and pick out the patterns he liked the most and he and his granny would sew away.

Source: MosBowsMemphis.com

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Lesson #3 - Find Something You're Good At

Mo’s proficiency at sewing ties excelled. He found great pleasure in designing and sewing ties so much that it became his hobby. He even started making bow ties for others, first as gifts but it then grew into a business.  

Today, MO’s Bows is a very successful business.  He has an online Etsy store and he distributes his bow ties to specialty shops in Memphis.

Lesson #4 - Focus on a Niche

Mo was passionate about dressing up and looking good. Clothes was his thing. But rather than trying to sell all forms of clothing, Mo focused on one particular item, bow ties.

The clothing industry is very broad and competitive. Instead, Mo created a specific lane in this industry and excelled at it. He is known all over for his bow ties. So much so that he was contracted by the National Basketball Association (NBA) to supply its athletes with bow ties. He has appeared on Oprah and other shows, such as Shark Tank. Mo became an authority, because he was focused on just one niche – bow ties.

Mo even took it one step further and went even more niche. Mo doesn’t merely sell bow ties. He sells custom made, hand-crafted bow ties and that’s an example of a micro-niche (a sub-set of a niche). 

Mo didn’t try to do everything. He focused on one thing and did it well. And as such, became an authority in his circle. 

Going niche is the secret to your success. 

And this is why I tied in finding a profitable niche and coming up with a successful business idea into one training

Lesson #5 - Don't Do It By Yourself

One of the secrets to success of Mo’s Bows is that this young man didn’t do it all on his own. He surrounded himself with family and friends who supported him. 


When he needed to learn how to make bow ties, he turned to his grandmother who was proficient and sewing. 


When he decided to start selling bow ties, he got his mom, his aunt and even his neighbour to help sew and package his products.


He also found partners (with the help of his mom of course) to work with. He identified and partnered with shops and stores that fit well with his brand. 


To succeed you need to figure out what you’re go at and what you’re not good at, and ask for help. None of the successful businesses did it alone. And neither should you.

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